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Make it. Count!

The Game

This is a first person shooter with counting mechanic and space slimes atmosphere!

-Shoot slimes with right numbers to squash them. 
-Shoot in a rhythm with Disco Funk music to dive in the atmosphere completely.
-Counting your numbers is the key to a victory.

Can you survive getting through 5 waves of space slime madness?

Sound is an important part of the gameplay,  
Use headphones for better experience.


WSAD to move
LMB - shoot
Esc - pause menu
Alt+F4 - Quit Game


Assets created by our team:

- Game design
- Game logic (blueprints) 
- Landscape
- Location (arena)
- Lighting and postprocessing
- Models and animation
- Music
- Sound
- Textures

Premade assets used in our game:

- Megascans rock models and textures
- Megascans ground textures

Hope, you will enjoy our game.
*Good luck. Make it. Count!*


Igor Gurovskiy - game designer
Tatyana Jeglova - vfx artist
Anton Boiko - programming, animation, 3d-artist
Matvey Stepanenkov - sound designer
Ivan Maslennikov - 3d-artist


WeKnowAnton_MakeItCount.zip 360 MB


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Great scenes, great ideas!

A good game!

Thank you! =)